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Personal Kanban Planning at Different Levels

Experimentation is a constant learning process, and one that I have had very positive results from in 2011 regarding my personal kanban efforts. It is extremely difficult to let go of “I’m right” and develop a mindset of “discovering right”…and even further, understand that the discovery process is a continual one with no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As my Tae Kwon Do instructor said at the beginning of each meditation, we must strive for perfection … [Read More]

Personal Kanban Impact on Self-Awareness

Another busy quarter has come and gone! You may be thinking “but the quarter doesn’t end until December!” It is easier for my life to run on the quarterly world of Walden University that is set a full month off and before the normal calendar quarter. This is quite helpful since getting a doctorate certainly wipes out much of your life. Since you don’t want a negative attitude towards something that requires such a time investment, I choose to go … [Read More]

Summer Review

As an adult educator, it’s a constant focus to implement self awareness techniques and future oriented strategies for motivating adult learners. However, as a typical human, it’s easy to make one self exempt from “the message”. Implemented personal kanban has really improved my personal abilities for self-reflection, and as such, immediately see the connection point between my small triumphs this quarter that directly apply to my big picture goals. It is good to feel the results of my own efforts … [Read More]

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