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Creating Holistic Learning Experiences

Facilitating a course or workshop that engages the participant and is easy for you to create is the ultimate achievement. However, to do that, there is a need to instill responsibility and motivation within your participants, which requires some knowledge of adult learning theory and whole person learning approaches.

Visualizing Motivation in a Personal Kanban Board

The basic flow of a personal kanban board is pretty straight forward with it’s To Do, Doing, and Done. This alone is an incredible step forward in allowing the individual to visualise the work and limit the work in progress for incredible focus. Combine the tasks with Pomodoro Technique and the essential tools are in place for an incredible mindset adjustment towards productivity, as I’ve discovered with introducing both personal kanban and Pomodoro Technique to college curriculum. Over the last … [Read More]

Ensuring Students Hold Faculty Accountable

As educators for adult learners we are passionate about providing awareness and motivation to students. We research, study, design and implement methods to improve the learning experience. The cornerstone of strategies involves adult and social learning theories, and we seek to ensure those theories stay current. Our curriculum is stellar, full of experiential learning, reflection, and tools for successful critical thinking. We pour hours of investment into faculty training. However, in our excitement for the world of andragogy, we easily … [Read More]

Reducing Attrition for Online Learners

Despite the growth for online and asynchronous learning, there remains a very high attrition level as well. This can be attributed to a number of things, but the most commonly identified in research include low self-efficacy or self-regulation, as well as a lack of external or internal motivators. While researchers have been kind enough to identify the biggest obstacles educators have to overcome, the strategies to overcome such difficulties are not always so obvious. Hee Jun and Park (2009) developed … [Read More]

Adult Learning Motivations

Understanding adult learning motivations must be grounded in the understanding of adult learning theory. The doctoral theses I write are called Knowledge Area Modules (KAMs). The first 30 pages represent the theoretical underpinnings that support or discredit current practices. A minimum 15 resource bibliography of current practices written in the past five years is then required followed by a 20-25 page literature essay that connects the theory and practice. Following that is a proposed experiment, case study, or research project … [Read More]

Emotions of the Adult Learner

This may sound like it is something relevant only to academic curriculum and settings. It’s not! Adults, whether in at work learning on the job, in professional learning, or in school, experience emotional fears.

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