Personal Kanban Impact on Self-Awareness

Another busy quarter has come and gone! You may be thinking “but the quarter doesn’t end until December!” It is easier for my life to run on the quarterly world of Walden University that is set a full month off and before the normal calendar quarter. This is quite helpful since getting a doctorate certainly wipes out much of your life. Since you don’t want a negative attitude towards something that requires such a time investment, I choose to go for a mindset of massive integration into my life instead of wiping out my life. However, the fact that my quarter ends a full month before the calendar and traditional school quarter, I am amazed how helpful it is for me to have my quarter end early with a career in academics. My deadlines get done early and if I run over, it’s less disastrous.

However, moving the mindset of when my quarter ends isn’t enough. My personal kanban effort is ensuring that I am actually getting the goals accomplished. Quite frankly, I was nauseated with the amount of my original goals, but I walked away at the end of the quarter at Thanksgiving with only three things not started. Also, I was very pleased that my accomplishments were significant. The best discovery for tracking my quarter’s activities was to notice that I taught much more than I wanted, and that blocked the completion of my goals that are still in progress. This was another insight to the advantages of personal kanban.

Meanwhile, I always love to note the quarter’s accomplishment.

Items I feel fulfilled due to completion between September and November…

  1. Rewrote a university’s 300 level (bachelor orientation) course worth three credits and taught it.
  2. Taught a university’s 100 level (associate orientation) course worth one credit twice.
  3. Opened business banking for my consultancy.
  4. Attended the Phoenix OpenSpace 3-day event in late September.
  5. Created proposal for my first corporate training program enquiry of my consultancy.
  6. Prepared and implemented Kanban case study in academic course for group learning support.
  7. Researched and wrote up discussion strategies for adult learners in both online and onsite settings.
  8. Created a personalized online course titled the The Business of Antiques valued at 10 credit hours using Moodle. This is the first major course and step for my plan of starting personalized curriculum for individuals that are goal-oriented for very specific outcomes, but do not have the money or desire for debt for a full degree.
  9. Completed my doctoral residency in Chicago, updated research articles in Zotero, got my next thesis agreement approved, and a 12 week course (RSCH8200 Quantitative Analysis).
  10. On a personal note, I finished my bigger Rome watercolour and made small watercolour gift tags for close family and friends!

Although originally frustrated that I did not accomplish more with my doctoral writing, I was really thrilled with the quality on this list after really studying it! I am in the process of finishing the surveys and study #6 now that it’s implemented in the course I am currently teaching. Now that I have hired a virtual assistant from India to help me with personal items that take time and add stress to my life, the time remaining has been so much more valued with my family and friends.

Let the discovery of personal fulfillment continue! Self-awareness truly is an essential key.

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