Minimising Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban. It’s that thing that changed my life from being productive to being super productive. Then I realized something, and uber productivity started kicking into place. I remember when I thought the ticket was visualization. Granted, that was absurdly awesome, especially since it allowed me to balance education, career, and family in one view. Then prioritization crept in …. slowly but surely. Control freak behavior started dissipating into confidence that everything would be fine. Emergencies transitioned into simply re-prioritizing. Lastly, I finally came to grips with the value of limiting my WIP. Limited WIP is something I’ve always paid lip service to, but to practice it…well, that’s challenging for an obsessive multi-tasker who thinks that she is born the exception.

Shockingly, I’m not an exception. The visualization and prioritization have increased my effectiveness dramatically over the past three years, but my completed Bermuda Triangle where waste has been disappearing is limiting my WIP. Even more helpful has been limited my type of work to specific days and half-days. One would say that wrapping up a dissertation, balancing clients from consultancy, kicking off a start-up, and being a full time director would be time consuming. It is. But thanks to visualization, prioritization, and limited WIP, I can do those things, plus eat normally and enjoy a regular tea time no matter where I am or what’s going on.

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