Growth Mindset for Adult Learners

Iteration after iteration. Milestone after milestone. Year after year.

The life cycle of a PhD experience is unique unto itself, testing far more than intelligence. Endurance, patience, discipline, and possibly a dash of insanity are all necessary components. Most importantly is that a PhD student must have a mindset of continuous improvement. Upon completion, I now see that the entire PhD process is one large milestone, offering me the discipline to create effective and long-lasting social change.

So what is my stab at social change?

My passion is to help anybody, everybody experience a journey of continual self-actualization and lifelong learning mindset.

Right. I would also like to take care of world hunger and expand our space exploration to some moon colonies. One step at a time 🙂

Of special interest to me are those who may not get exposed to that potential as easily, such as first-generation learners, who already have their backs up against it with increased tension and responsibility  along with the complexity of cultural mismatch and academic gap stressors.

Tomorrow is the symposium where Walden faculty and doctoral students come together to collaborate over completed research, affording me the opportunity to synthesize my work to an even smaller review than the defence … one slide! Granted, the slide prints to 36″ x 48″ for the poster size and a nice 11×17 for a printout view, but still; 156 pages down to one slide is not bad!

However, here’s the important question: what now? This is the handout I’m using at the symposium as a way to help people understand my own goals, and if they wish, have them follow my social media outlets as I continue my efforts.

Onward to the next milestone!

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About Marian

My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.