Facilitating Beyond the Topic

It easy for me to discuss how fast a facilitator can go tunnel vision with their learners because I’ve fallen into the trap so many times. Even with a good start for a course, the best of intentions can quickly disintegrate into assessment/interaction and appropriately timed updates. Mechanical being the optimal word here.

I was snapped out of my reverie when a student left me the painful feedback that “it felt like she just had a process and there wasn’t any attention to what I cared about.”

*bullet between the eyes*

It’s not enough to transmit knowledge. 

When I saw this list of educational diseases we experience in the Western world (unknown source), I cringed because so many of them are way too prevalent, but was grateful as I could quickly see that my problem in that particular course was Western Scientific Thought trapped in what I perceived was The Factory Model.



In my case, it was important to develop unique relationships with each of my students through Skype and the phone. I needed to create a safe environment for them, and realise that until we had established trust, there would be little I could actually teach them.

However, that was me.

What about you?


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