Coaching for Learning

There are important mindsets for the facilitator, trainer, or coach to adopt in order to ensure a successful and active learning experience regardless of whether the facilitation that needs to occur is in a college classroom, online course, or in a corporate training room.

Trainer: An individual dedicated to providing a skillset to learners
Facilitator: An individual dedicated to assisting the learner on a journey of critical thinking around an expertise
Coach: An individual dedicated to increasing awareness and personal responsibility within the learner

A better understanding of the different roles within coaching as well as identifying coaching strategies can be found in our blog series provided below.

 Academic Coaching Practices

For so many individuals in the training and adjunct facilitation roles, the ability to facilitate is secondary. This is often because those individuals were selected due to their expertise in the topic, with any training or facilitation experience being a bonus. Check out our white paper on the challenges and solutions for supporting the trainer/facilitator and ensuring that the learning experience has a long term effect for the learners.

Modern Adjunct Faculty: Constraints and Solutions

Example topics for workshops, talks, and training events include the following.

  • Implementing Academic Coaching
  • Leading Effective and Relevant Discussions
  • Addressing Academic Preparedness (or lack thereof!)
  • Creating Safe Spaces to Learn
  • Diffusing Defensiveness in the Learning Process
  • Evaluating and Empowering Adjunct Faculty
  • Understanding the Adult Learner

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My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.