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Innovation and creativity is the modern demand. A learning culture ensures a competitive edge. But how do we reject the status quo and embrace continuous creativity and improvement in a way that scales and is sustainable?

Let Marian facilitate your discoveries of frameworks, strategies, and shifted thinking in this space.


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Innovation and creativity are demanded in today’s world, yet we still behave as if we are trapped in an industrial mindset. We gain our competitive edge from collaboration and continuous improvement, yet we train people through static content and flood them with un-retained information. Agility and iterative development is cherished, yet our potential for agility is limited by our emotional capacity for learning.

These gaps between expectations and reality motivated Dr. Marian Willeke, learning designer and consultant, to start Adaptive Learning in 2007 (rebranded to Rabbit Hole Learning in 2017) to provide lightweight learning frameworks that address needs personalised to the individual learner while still scale to meet organisations’ talent development needs.

Marian’s unique approach to learning incorporates systems thinking, psychology, and learning theory. Her approach fits into learners’ daily lives while being based on a growth mindset and the personal transformation of humanism, while respecting and incorporating the roots and contributions of many learning paradigms developed over the past century.

Ms. Willeke holds a PhD in Adult Education Leadership from Walden University, a MAEd in Distance Education for Adult Learners from University of Phoenix, and a BS in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. She speaks at regional, national, and international conferences about how we can make learning as natural as breathing by shifting our approach as learners, designers, and facilitators. The last 15 years have included a variety of university clients exploring agile delivery of excellent learning as well as corporate clients pursuing competency development that delivers real business results.

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About Marian

My passion is centered around ensuring effective learning experiences that improve people's lives. Developing a learning mindset is my ultimate goal whether working with academic programs or corporate training; formal or informal learning practices. It is my belief that our potential for agility is limited only by our capacity for learning.