Practicing Agile in Curriculum Design

Scott Marsee, my lead instructional designer, and I were fortunate in our networking at the ASTD 2012 conference this past January with our introduction to Dr. Steven Villachica, a tenured associate professor at Boise State University’s School of Engineering. He is currently teaching an advanced instructional design course for master level students, and when he heard of our successful agile curriculum design techniques, asked if we would present a webinar to his students. This was a wonderful opportunity to get … [Read More]

Embracing and Exposing Scholarly Work in Agile

This is my call for help! As a doctoral student, one of my passions is lean and agile practices in academics both as a curriculum designer and higher education administrator. I am hopeful that my dissertation will be the qualitative exploration of links between agile intentionality and sustainability in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. A lead-up into this dissertation planning is a major thesis on systems in academics, with a strong focus on lean and social systems. In fact, the application … [Read More]

Managing Deadlines in Kanban

The word deadline is an ugly one. Creativity and innovation, in my experience, come from my free moments when I do not have the black cloud of deadline over me. Either that or the deadline is so upon me that I have to come up with an innovation in order to make it in the first place because I procrastinated so magnificently. However, the stress involved with that type of innovation usually results in post-success distraction due to either celebration … [Read More]

ASTD TechKnowledge 2012 Learning Reflection

The attendance of this conference provided a great deal of perspective of the direction for our university’s online team and curriculum in the crucial next year or so as we realize a new growth through our two new masters degrees and now bachelors of science in nursing for current RNs. Undergraduate degrees have become patterned for us to develop quickly, but the BSN-RN provides a new challenge with a special practicing field that has an audience with much more specific … [Read More]

Articulating the Message

A challenge to every speaking experience is to reach your audience. We create buzz words and phrases, images, and other artifacts to ensure that the message is clear, but cross-industry communication is challenging. As an educator, I am in a unique position of applying agile methodology to formal academia both as an administrator and in the curriculum design process. This unique position is that the Agile community knows little to nothing of my efforts in formal education while formal education … [Read More]

Storymapping with Kanban

My previous experience with speaking and presenting left me with a sense of excitement and motivation to share my story of implementing agile techniques with the Agile community at Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City. However, this would be the first attempt at sharing stories in a different industry than my own home turf of the educational world. There are only a billion ways to story-map, limited only by the creativity of the planner. My need for visualisation left me … [Read More]

Personal Kanban Planning at Different Levels

Experimentation is a constant learning process, and one that I have had very positive results from in 2011 regarding my personal kanban efforts. It is extremely difficult to let go of “I’m right” and develop a mindset of “discovering right”…and even further, understand that the discovery process is a continual one with no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As my Tae Kwon Do instructor said at the beginning of each meditation, we must strive for perfection … [Read More]

Agile 2011 Learning Reflection

The sessions and conversations gave me tremendous insight into future improvements for my own life and team. Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City was a ridiculous amount of fun and learning, two things that should always be synonymous.

Instructional Design Applied to Agile Coaching

Agile coaching requires observant facilitation with an ability to engage learners actively. This parallels almost identically with accelerated adult learning at the university level. “Guide on the side” instead of “sage on the stage” is a common mantra necessary for all effective facilitators to embrace when motivating adult learners. There are scores of interactive instructional strategies that not only provide relevance to the learners, but also allows for quantifiable assessment of the learning growth. However, for this post, I will … [Read More]

Applying Agile to Curriculum Development

Agile in a university setting can sometimes be an oxymoron. However, it can successfully occur within university administration, as I have personally experienced. Specifically in the context of the online education team, agile tools were bastardised to give curriculum designers increased productivity and improved motivation. This allowed the designers to provide better quality and cutting edge courses in less time. The online educational team implemented and shared a personal kanban, dropped job descriptions, and saw massive improvements throughout. Scrum was … [Read More]

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