Personal Kanban: Viral in Higher Ed Institution (Story 2 of 3)

This post is the continuation of a mini-series of stories on how Personal Kanban has infiltrated the fastest growing university in Ohio in an organic way. Previously we looked at the story of the Finance office and the effect that it is having on the team despite only having used it for a relatively short period of time. Now we will look at the story of the Recruitment and Marketing experience that has a longer period of time adapting it … [Read More]

Personal Kanban: Viral in Higher Ed Institution (Story 1 of 3)

I have long felt that Personal Kanban is a viral condition, spreading based on observing it’s use and then experiencing it. As our development team has used a virtual version of team-based Personal Kanban for many different aspect including administrative tasks, the curriculum development process, and the faculty recruitment process, it was thrilling to see other areas adopting Personal Kanban effectively. This post is the start of a mini-series of stories on how Personal Kanban has infiltrated the fastest growing … [Read More]

Business Systems Applied to Academics

Rob Hartman and I presented a session on systems thinking and mindset at Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC) on February 13, which was an excellent experience. With his expertise on finance and mine on academics, we were able to bridge the gap that gets created between these two essential two departments on developing mindsets of how to thrive rather than merely survive. This entailed an introduction of Real Options where we showed part of Dan North’s vimeo … [Read More]

Visualise Tasks (Personal Kanban) and Visualise Time Investment (Pomodoro)

There has been a good deal of discussion from me on the matter of personal kanban for managing the flow of life without losing one’s mind or dropping a major ball. A major point, however, is not the tool, but in how you use it. Kanban focuses on continual improvement, and in this particular perspective, discovering more effective uses of Personal Kanban in one’s life should be an effort of continual improvement on a metacognitive level. Although we are not … [Read More]

Kanban Values for the Workplace

This week I had the honour of speaking with somebody considering the adoption of one of the kanban tools that I use, with a request to share my experiences with it. My participation in this conversation was mostly due to the fact that I use kanban outside of technology development and use it for curriculum design and administrative purposes at a university.

Process Optimization Enables Fixed Price in Curriculum Design

The focus on the agile curriculum design that has been so valuable for lean curriculum design and delivery is mostly to ensure a quality and relevant piece of curriculum or program is created in the shortest period of time in a just-in-time (JIT) environment. However, upon reflection, another huge benefit of this process is the fixed price changes. Previously, a fixed price was set for writing an entire course, but the process optimization has broken down the development across a … [Read More]

Kanban Moves Upward in Academic Administration

This is the story of the Princess and the Pea. Sort of. Actually, this is the story of how administration felt the effects of kanban being used in areas that were not immediately visible. Only in this case, the effect the pea (kanban) had on the princess was so positive that she demanded more peas!

Visualizing Motivation in a Personal Kanban Board

The basic flow of a personal kanban board is pretty straight forward with it’s To Do, Doing, and Done. This alone is an incredible step forward in allowing the individual to visualise the work and limit the work in progress for incredible focus. Combine the tasks with Pomodoro Technique and the essential tools are in place for an incredible mindset adjustment towards productivity, as I’ve discovered with introducing both personal kanban and Pomodoro Technique to college curriculum. Over the last … [Read More]

Agile Experience Reports: Writing vs Reviewing

One year ago I wrote my experience report about applying agile methodologies to the curriculum design process I use in my university. Tim O’Conner was a great shepherd providing insight on what the community needed to hear from me. Something that he recommended to me was to provide a “giving back” section. Granted, there should be strong implication of how the experiences are in the article can apply to other situations. However, this extremely intentional bullet pointed section was extremely … [Read More]

Introducing Flow and Timeboxing in College Curriculum

Being the writer, designer and a primary facilitator for the orientation courses for our university’s associate and bachelor courses has given me a wonderful opportunity to continually and iteratively improve the quality of the course for both student learning and faculty effectiveness. I note faculty effectiveness as crucial for any course design because student learning cannot be maximized if the faculty are overwhelmed with busy grading. If there is nothing else to justify curriculum designers, it is this balance of … [Read More]

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