Business Systems Applied to Academics

Rob Hartman and I presented a session on systems thinking and mindset at Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC) on February 13, which was an excellent experience. With his expertise on finance and mine on academics, we were able to bridge the gap that gets created between these two essential two departments on developing mindsets of how to thrive rather than merely survive.
This entailed an introduction of Real Options where we showed part of Dan North’s vimeo and explored the application of Real Options in the collegiate environment with past and existing situations at Ohio Christian University.
We then moved on to Kanban and the value it has added to my team’s work in development of Ohio Christian University’s online program as well as Lean approaches in the finance world. Referencing industry books such as Kanban, Personal Kanban, Lean Accounting, and Stop Starting, Start Finishing, we walked through examples we have experienced, and provided a value stream mapping exercise, which was phenomenally received.
Finally, I introduced iterative project development specifically focused on curriculum development with my Agile curriculum design, how it compared to Scrum (discussed the difference between Waterfall and Scrum), and the advantages to using such a method.

This brought home to me the need for more exposure of business systems in our academic settings. By far in a way, our reflection responses for biggest takeaway was the value stream mapping/kanban exposure, with Real Options following up in popularity.

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