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If you are unfamiliar with the Agile curriculum design model that Scott Marsee and I developed, thanks to exposure and inspiration by Tobias Mayer’s OpenSpace on Scrum Beyond Software in 2010, then I encourage you to review the links provided below.

Agile Curriculum Design Model

Tutorial for Using Model

Developing a Learning Experience

So what is the bottom line goal that we have as coaches, faculty, instructors, trainers, or any human that is involved with learning, which should be all of us …

In this fast paced technological era, we need fast, scalable, and repeatable curriculum regardless of the environment or delivery mode. Can it be done? Oh yes. In fact, Scott and I have proven this model successful many times to do just that.

The unique differentiation is that the course, workshop, curriculum, or whatever you call the learning experience, can be delivered at the end of each phase, rather than the end of the entire process, while providing more depth of ease of repeatability for each phrase that gets completed.

Following will be a series of blog posts that walks through the details of this model and the motivations behind decisions you would make in developing an effective learning experience. If interested, you may wish to bookmark this webpage so you can benefit the growth of the index, which will be links to individual blog posts that I publish over the next weeks.

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