Achieving Group Consensus for Online Learning

A professional colleague of mine, Scott Marsee, and I recently presented at No Educator Left Behind hosted by Indiana Wesleyan University’s adult education division. We focused on how to facilitate online groups effectively by discovering how adult learners are motivated in group environments and subsequently employing strategies that maximizes learning.

A big focus were the specific strategies that a facilitator can utilize to coach online groups to become consensus groups with a smooth transformation into a problem solving group. This led to a much better understanding between collaborative and cooperative learning, and the added value for each type of learning for adult learners.

Please check out our presentation and especially read the slide notes for a dialogue.

Online Group Learning

As an aside, a huge thank you for Nancy Duarte’s Resonate and Slide:ology, which combined with Skype and Dropbox, made Scott and my shared development of this presentation while 4000 miles apart easy and enjoyable! Slide:ology provided great insight for our actual presentation development, but Resonate had an amazing impact on my mindset and our ability to create a story that kept everybody very focused for not only 40 minutes, but resulted in many questions from faculty on actually implementing these tools.

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